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Blue Horizon 2022 Annual Report

We at Blue Horizon Texas have closed out 2022, and our first year of operations, and we have many successes to celebrate. But first we want to express our gratitude to each and everyone of our donors, candidates, board members, partners, volunteers and supporters. We could not have accomplished all we did in our inaugural year without your support and involvement.

View our 2022 Annual Report for an overview of how, in our inaugural year, Blue Horizon Texas has grown into a successful, multi-entity enterprise with a growing reputation among Democratic and progressive groups across the state.

We outline our progress against strategic goals and provide a financial report, highlights on the 2022 election, and our outlook for 2023-2024.

We hope you continue on the journey you started with us last year, as we head into 2023 local elections and prepare for 2024. Please donate today to help us begin the year on strong financial footing, ready to recruit, prepare, and support the leaders we need to expand the growing blue horizon.


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