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Guest Post from Julie Oliver: Why I'm supporting Blue Horizon Texas Candidates

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

You know I’m no stranger to the hard work of running for office and fighting for progressive values in tough races.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. To turn back Republican attacks on our reproductive rights, our voting rights, and our children’s rights to a safe, healthy learning environment—free from constant threats of gun violence or censorship of classroom discussion and the books on their libraries’ shelves, we must step up and fight everywhere.

We can’t continue to cede ground; it’s why I ran uphill races for US Congress.

Blue Horizon Texas PAC has endorsed Janet Dudding for Texas Comptroller, Susan Hays for Texas Ag Commissioner, and 30 Dems & progressives running for SBOE, Texas legislature, and county & local office.

Blue Horizon Texas is the only organization whose primary focus is helping candidates where there is little existing Democratic infrastructure. They are building a functional support network so these candidates can reach the diverse communities in their districts, expanding the blue horizon in Texas and getting us closer to electing leaders who better represent our communities from Lubbock to Laredo to Lufkin. Please join me in supporting Blue Horizon candidates. Donate today to help not just one or two candidates but to lift up dozens of candidates across the state, turning out more Democratic voters not just in their own races but for Beto and the rest of the statewide slate.

Still in it together! Julie Oliver two-time Democratic nominee for US Congressional District 25


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