Our Story


Stephanie and Claire founded Blue Horizon Texas in 2021, after both running for Texas State House in 2018 and 2020. Their experience campaigning in long-held Republican districts, and discussions with many other candidates who ran in similar districts across the state, revealed systemic and structural gaps in the support networks for the new faces of Democratic and progressive candidates for state and local office.


In their runs for office, they built and led coalitions of candidates in providing mutual campaign support and speaking out on issues such as gun safety, immigration response, and pandemic-era education. They founded Blue Horizon Texas so candidates, volunteers, county parties, and affiliated groups can more effectively work together to build sustainable and lasting change across the state.

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About Us

Our Mission

Improve the support infrastructure, knowledge base, and training for Democratic and progressive candidates willing to run long-shot campaigns in rural, heavily red, and underinvested areas in Texas

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2018 statewide Texas Democratic candidates

Our Vision

An ever bigger blue horizon in Texas with candidate support for every district across the state

Meet Our Team




Co-Founder &

Executive Director

Stephanie is a two-time Democratic nominee for Texas House District 73, where she ran unapologetically progressive and low-budget campaigns and performed as well or better than up ticket races with six- and seven-figure budgets.

As Co-Executive Director of Blue Horizon Texas, Stephanie leads fundraising and development, outreach, and coalition building, Throughout her career in education, performing arts, and political and social movement organizing, she has consistently focused on systems change, building diverse coalitions, leadership development, and creative problem solving.



Co-Founder &

Executive Director

Claire is a two-time Democratic nominee for Texas State House District 122, where she steadily increased Democratic vote share and pushed the Republican incumbent left on issues such as public school funding, Medicaid Expansion, and voting rights.

As Co-Executive Director of Blue Horizon Texas, Claire oversees learning and communications strategies, operations, and legal and board relations. She brings twenty years of experience in program and project management, strategic communications, learning programs, and technology platforms.

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Aimee Cook

Community Engagement Manager & Volunteer Network Coordinator


Tonya Lyles

Community Engagement Manager


Yvonne Lian

Website Design & User Experience Intern

Aimee Cook is a Community Engagement Manager in the Blue Horizon Online Community, with a specific focus on engaging and activating volunteers in our Volunteer Network.

Previously, Aimee worked as a campaign manager for a Texas State House campaign. She has managed nationwide teams of volunteers, led widescale research projects, and co-founded three organizations.

Aimee enjoys marketing, editing, and shaping messaging, and is a passionate about empowering people, whether volunteers or candidates, so they can work together toward the Blue Horizon.

Tonya Lyles serves as a Community Engagement Manager for the Blue Horizon Black Candidate Discussion Group.

Tonya is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and a birth worker, with experience as a community-based activist to address health disparities. She cares deeply about local and statewide political involvement to make ALL the needed changes for a more just and equitable Texas for Black folks, family, and friends!

Tonya creates space for creative conversation, finding commonalities, developing friendships and alliances, sharing platforms and ideas, creating new thoughts and innovative ways to lead, and suggesting ways to stay healthy and happy.

Yvonne Lian first came to Blue Horizon Texas this spring as a member of our volunteer Bluebonnet Data Team. She then joined the team as a summer intern focused on Website Design and User Experience.

Yvonne is a student at Smith College, beginning her senior year as a Psychology major.

During her time with Blue Horizon, Yvonne is overhauling the Blue Horizon website after conducting a comparative analysis and recommending visual and user experience design improvements.



Our Three Entities

It's a commitment in a long-term process in turning Texas blue. Blue Horizon Texas broadens the organization to three sister organizations to support each of the activities.

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Three Sister Organizations

Growing a blue Texas requires a strategic plan with a commitment to making the long-term investments in community organizing and infrastructure building to elect Democrats and progressives statewide and in local communities. Blue Horizon's three sister organizations allow us to engage community leaders and prepare the candidates of tomorrow while also directly supporting the candidates of today.






Candidate Pipeline & Training

Blue Horizon Action Fund is a 501c4 nonprofit with a focus on Civic Education and Engagement. The mission of Blue Horizon Action Fund is to inspire, engage, and prepare local leaders ready to make the next step to run for office in red and rural areas of Texas.



Online Community & Volunteer Network

Blue Horizon Texas is a 527 non-profit that provides an online community for Democratic and progressive candidates, volunteers, county party chairs, and other coalition members to connect and access relevant and vetted campaign resources.



Direct Campaign Support

Blue Horizon Texas PAC is a Texas General Purpose Political Action Committee (GPAC) that provides direct support of Blue Horizon candidates, with a focus on campaign strategy, coaching, and data and field staffing.

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Our Partners

Blue Horizon works with national and state partners with complementary missions to optimize the results of our combined efforts.

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Run for Something

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Texas Blue Action

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Climate cabinet




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