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Our Story


Stephanie and Claire founded Blue Horizon Texas in 2021, after both running for Texas State House in heavily Republican districts in 2018 and 2020.


They both lost. Both times. But they did better the second time and pushed their opponents to the left. Neither incumbent sought re-election in 2022.


Their experience campaigning in long-held Republican districts, and discussions with many other candidates who ran in similar districts across the state, revealed systemic and structural gaps in the support networks for the new faces of Democratic and progressive candidates for state and local office. They resolved to work to fill the gaps to give others a better shot at success.

Our Story
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About Us

Our Mission

Recruit, prepare, and support Democratic and progressive candidates running in rural, exurban, and traditionally Republican districts in Texas by improving the support infrastructure, knowledge base, and resources available for non-traditional candidates in underinvested races across the state

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Our Vision

An ever bigger blue horizon in Texas with candidate support for every district across the state

2023 Annual Report

View our 2023 Annual Report for an overview of how, in just our second year of operation, Blue Horizon launched new programs, invested in existing ones, and laid the groundwork for an important presidential election year.

2022 Annual Report

Meet Our Team


Meet Our Team

Heli is a working mom and tech entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building startups in Silicon Valley. She was raised in Stephenville, a farm town about an hour southwest of Fort Worth and went to Texas A&M. She moved back to Texas in 2021, because she could no longer stand on the sidelines and watch cynical leaders continue to wreak havoc on our hardfought rights and democracy, and she ran for office for US Senate in the 2024 Democratic Primary.

She joined the Blue Horizon team in 2024, to provide guidance on marketing and engagement strategies.

Three Sister Organizations

Three Sister Organizations

Growing a blue Texas requires a strategic plan with a commitment to making the long-term investments in community organizing and infrastructure building to elect Democrats and progressives statewide and in local communities. Blue Horizon's three sister organizations allow us to engage community leaders and prepare the candidates of tomorrow while also directly supporting the candidates of today.






Candidate Pipeline & Training

Blue Horizon Action Fund is a 501c4 nonprofit with a focus on Civic Education and Engagement. The mission of Blue Horizon Action Fund is to inspire, engage, and prepare local leaders ready to make the next step to run for office in red and rural areas of Texas.



Online Community & Volunteer Network

Blue Horizon Texas is a 527 non-profit that provides an online community for Democratic and progressive candidates, volunteers, county party chairs, and other coalition members to connect and access relevant and vetted campaign resources.



Direct Campaign Support

Blue Horizon Texas PAC is a Texas General Purpose Political Action Committee (GPAC) that provides direct support of Blue Horizon candidates, with a focus on campaign strategy, coaching, and data and field staffing.

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Our Partners

Blue Horizon works with national and state partners with complementary missions to optimize the results of our combined efforts.

Our Partners
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