Blue Horizon Texas prepares Democratic and progressive candidates to run in rural and heavily Republican districts for state and local office. We help establish strategic goals and build coalitions among candidates, volunteers, and affiliated groups to run more effective campaigns.


As a new generation of diverse candidates steps up to run, we must support them—everywhere. We are committed to helping build a functional support network, infrastructure, and training for the long-shot campaign, expanding the blue horizon in Texas and getting us closer to electing leaders who better represent our communities. We see the opportunity to make statewide gains, but candidates need to be equipped with relevant information and robust support systems.


Progress is true progress only when everyone has a seat at the table and that includes rural county constituents. Rural counties will continue to shape the outcome of elections, and assisting qualified, passionate rural county candidates will transform how elections are viewed.


Kathy Cheng

Secretary, Board of Directors

Our Mission

Improve the support infrastructure, knowledge base, and training for Democratic and
progressive candidates willing to run long-shot campaigns in rural, heavily red, and underinvested areas in Texas

Rural volunteers writing campaign postcards
2018 statewide Texas Democratic candidates

Our Vision

An ever bigger blue horizon in Texas with candidate support for every district across the state

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