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Blue Horizon Action Fund

Civic Engagement & Education
Candidate Pipeline & Training

Blue Horizon Action Fund, a 501c4, non-profit organization, was established and launched in 2022, thanks to a $45,000 grant from the Rural Democracy Initiative. This entity will help build a pipeline of state and local leaders ready to run for office. 

Activities include:

  • Blue Horizon Webinar Series: Former Candidate Conversations and Campaign Nuts & Bolts

  • Community organizing and civic engagement to identify community leaders ready to make the next step to run for office

  • Education regarding the importance and process of running for state and local office


Build a candidate pipeline to ensure voters in rural Texas have a choice of candidates for every local and state office

Board of Directors:

Bruce Carpenter, President
Coda Rayo-Garza, Secretary
Steven Kling, Treasurer

TO DONATE: mail a check to Blue Horizon Texas Action Fund, PO Box 780162, San Antonio, TX 78278, or Contact Us for wiring instructions.

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