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Blue Horizon Action Fund

Civic Engagement & Education
Candidate Pipeline & Training

Blue Horizon Action Fund is a 501c4 nonprofit with a focus on Civic Education and Engagement. Blue Horizon Action Fund, was established and launched in 2022, thanks to a $45,000 grant from the Rural Democracy Initiative.


The Blue Horizon Action Fund engages in community organizing with the goal of building a candidate pipeline, produces the Blue Horizon Podcast and other storytelling projects, and provides civic education and information resources on running for office.


Inspire, engage, and prepare local leaders ready to make the next step to run for office in red and rural areas of Texas.


A reality in which diverse candidates run for local and state office across Texas, seeking to represent marginalized communities in rural and exurban counties/districts and eventually attaining elected office in state and local government that better represent their constituents.

Activities include:

  • Identify Offices: Blue Ballot Data Project

  • Find Community Leaders: Regional Organizing and Community Workshops

  • Inspire Action: Blue Horizon Podcast and Other Storytelling
  • Educate Prospective Candidates: Training and Fellowship Program

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Other Ways to DONATE: mail a check to Blue Horizon Texas Action Fund, PO Box 780162, San Antonio, TX 78278, or Contact Us for wiring instructions.

Board of Directors:

Nicolette Ardiente, Michelle Butler, Bruce Carpenter, Rep. Vikki Goodwin, Eric Holguin, Steve Kling

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