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Blue Horizon Texas

Blue Horizon Texas provides an online community for Democratic and progressive candidates, volunteers, county party chairs, and other coalition members to connect and access relevant and vetted campaign resources.

Contribute today to help prepare candidates and build infrastructure across Texas.

If you prefer to donate by check, mail to:

Blue Horizon Texas, PO Box 780162, San Antonio, TX 78278.

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The Blue Horizon Texas PAC provides direct support of Blue Horizon candidates by directly promoting Blue Horizon candidates and also providing funding and field and data staffing support.

If you prefer to donate by check, mail to Blue Horizon Texas PAC, PO Box 780162, San Antonio, TX 78278.


Civic Education and Engagement


The Blue Horizon Action Fund, a 501c4, non-profit organization, is building a pipeline of local leaders ready to run for office through community organizing, civic engagement, and education. 

To donate, mail a check to Blue Horizon Texas Action Fund, PO Box 780162, San Antonio, TX 78278, or Contact Us for wiring instructions.

A note from the founders :

Thank you for your contribution to Blue Horizon. As a new generation of diverse candidates steps up to run, we must support them--everywhere. Your donation helps build a functional support network, infrastructure, and candidate pipeline for Democrats and progressives running in the toughest districts. Together, we are expanding the blue horizon in Texas and getting us closer to electing leaders who better represent our communities.


Stephanie, Claire, and the rest of the Blue Horizon Team

join us to achieve our $100k goal
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Frequently Asked Questions

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