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 The Blue Horizon Community


For candidates running in red and rural races and volunteers, county chairs, and other coalition members looking to support them, Blue Horizon provides access to our private, secure online community and resource library.

Join the Blue Horizon Online Community to connect with other candidates, volunteers, and coalition members in private, secure discussion groups and to access exclusive, vetted content and campaign resources.

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The 2022 Blue Horizon  Community Map

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Community Map Overview

Blue Horizon Texas invites all Democrats running for statewide office or in red and rural districts and counties to join the Blue Horizon Candidate Community. In 2022, 65 candidates joined the community, including progressive candidates for local, nonpartisan office.

Explore the interactive map to see where Blue Horizon targets and community members ran in 2022. Our 2024 map is coming soon.

Are you running for office in a red or rural district or want to support those who are? Join below.

Where Are Blue Horizon Candidates?

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We vet candidates and volunteers carefully. The vetting process can take a few days, during which time, we may reach out to you for additional information by email or phone. Please respond promptly to follow-up inquiries to expedite the process.

Volunteers & Campaign Staff

Potential & Current Candidates

County Party Chairs & Other Coalition Members

Partisan Races: Democratic candidates for state and county office

Nonpartisan Races: Progressive candidates for local, nonpartisan office

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Blue Horizon Candidates Are...



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parents of 
minor children

age 40 or younger

people of color


Running in the hardest districts

< 40

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