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Growing a



Preparing Democratic & Progressive Candidates 
in red and rural areas

Our Challenge

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In 2022, 135 Texas counties

haD NO Democratic candidates. 

There is no Democratic message when Democrats don’t run. Dozens of state legislative races are uncontested by Democrats. Where Democrats do run in red districts, they receive little structural support.

Our Solution

At Blue Horizon, we work to engage volunteers, candidates, and county parities through our individualized and state-wide support. We vet and collate resources, incubate ideas to prepare candidates, and build infrastructure and coalitions.

Civic Engagement

& education

Candidate Pipeline


Online candidate




Direct Candidate


Part of Our solution
The Blue Horizon Community

In 2022, we Supported 65 members running for state and Local office in red and rural districts

Many counties were gray (because no Dem candidates are running at the county-level), but mine was light blue. Because of me.


One person can make a difference.



-------- April Prim

Candidate for Montgomery County

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

Community Map.png
Savannah Morales.jpg

Savannah Morales

for Ector County Commissioner

Francine Ly.png

Francine Ly

 for Texas Senate

District 12

Jonathan Hildner.png

Jonathan Hildner

for Texas House

District 54

Community- all.png
April Prim.jpg
Michelle Palmer.jpg

Michelle PalmeR

for State Board of Education District 6

Our Strategy

Three Sister Organizations

Growing a blue Texas requires a strategic plan with a commitment to making the long-term investments in community organizing and infrastructure building to elect Democrats and progressives statewide and in local communities. Blue Horizon's three sister organizations allow us to engage community leaders and prepare the candidates of tomorrow while also directly supporting the candidates of today.






Candidate Pipeline & Training

Blue Horizon Action Fund is a 501c4 nonprofit with a focus on Civic Education and Engagement. The mission of Blue Horizon Action Fund is to inspire, engage, and prepare local leaders ready to make the next step to run for office in red and rural areas of Texas.



OnlinE Community & Volunteer Network

Blue Horizon Texas is a 527 non-profit that provides an online community for Democratic and progressive candidates, volunteers, county party chairs, and other coalition members to connect and access relevant and vetted campaign resources.



Direct Campaign Support

Blue Horizon Texas PAC is a Texas General Purpose Political Action Committee (GPAC) that provides direct support of Blue Horizon candidates, with a focus on campaign strategy and data and field staffing.

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Ways You Can Help



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