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Blue Horizon Podcast Season 2, Episode 3: Josh Tutt

Updated: Feb 16

with Tonya Lyles

In Season 2 Episode 3, Blue Horizon Podcast host Tonya Lyles talks with Blue Horizon Board Member and 2022 Senate District 18 Democratic nominee about his run for office. He shares the strategies he used to run, fund, and market his campaign. He also discusses the information sources and organizations that can help with guidance and answers to important questions. 

Tonya shared her reflections on their conversation:

As winter sets in Texas, many residents are worried about the physical and emotional stress of experiencing another winter outage. Sometimes a disastrous event creates a call-of-action. In this interview, you meet Josh Tutt who took his outrage over the outages to create a grassroot campaign. Imagine seeing your name in someone's yard and giving your local or statewide community a choice on the ballot. In this interview, Josh Tutt's sense of humor, leadership and courage are clear. His words are inspiring and lead me to believe his strategies are transferrable to new candidates emboldened to run! Enjoy!

--Tonya Lyles


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