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Blue Horizon Podcast Season 3, Episode 1: Susan Korbel

with Tonya Lyles

Welcome to the third season of Blue Horizon Texas Podcast. So far, we have interviewed candidates to gain insight into the challenges Democrat candidates face and the courageous acts it takes to run for office in red and rural areas in Texas. 

In our future 2024-2025 interviews, we'll extend our interviews to include leaders and coalition builders in our organization and network.


Our goal is to feature Texans that are informative and add to our mission to inspire progressive forward-thinking candidates to run for uncontested seats. We've got one for you!

Tonya shares her reflections on her interview with Susan.

In our first episode of season three, we welcome Susan Korbel. Our interview felt like a deep conversation with a wise politically active auntie. We discussed her 2022 run for County Commissioner in Bexar County, precinct 3. Susan Korbel's motives and courage are clear. She understands what's at stake if we don't do our part in civic engagement and get involved locally. When we spoke she wasn't planning to run again. She had “fought the good fight” and got in some “good trouble.” She was interested in sharing the knowledge she had gained to lift up a new generation of leaders. But things changed and when it became clear that she would be the best candidate for the job, she stepped up again. Take a listen.

–Tonya Lyles


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