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Blue Horizon Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Kristen Washington

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

with Tonya Lyles

In Episode 2 of the Blue Horizon Podcast's second season, host Tonya Lyles talks with 2023 and 2024 Democratic candidate for Texas House District 2, Kristen Washington.

They discuss Kristen's experience serving on a small town city council and her transition to a state house candidate, seeking better representation for her rural community.

Tonya shared her reflections on her interview with Kristen Washington.

“Kristen gave me a view into the use of her wisdom gained from her community and family at large. She is deeply sincere, warm hearted, and motivated. However, don't take her kindness as a weakness. She is a confident visionary who knows what a better Texas could look like and has the drive to help create it. Her greatest ambition seems to be to represent her community and constituents well. She listens closely and takes those concerns to the leadership that can affect positive change. She wants to impact lives in better ways to allow residents in her district to thrive and enjoy their daily lives. She knows that the small things matter- from trash pick up and water systems to intergenerational community centers. She listens with a close ear and takes the time to understand concerns and finds a way to include her constituents in the solutions. I left this interview feeling hopeful and inspired by the legacy she might leave behind for her district. I find her to be the quiet in the storm of political rhetoric and chaos in rural Texas. Please take a listen.”

–Tonya Lyles


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