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Information & Resources

Blue Horizon Texas provides information and resources on running for office, and supporting those running for office, in rural and red districts across Texas. We have resources for candidates and volunteers.

Public Events

We offer webinars and online workshops open to the public in our Campaign Nuts & Bolts and Former Candidate Conversations Webinar Series. Please see our Events page for information on coming events.

Private Online Community

For candidates and volunteers in target races, we also provide access to our private, secure online community and resource library. We vet candidates and volunteers carefully. The vetting process can take up to 1-2 weeks, during which time, we may reach out to you for additional information by email or phone. Please respond promptly to follow-up inquiries to expedite the process.

For Candidates

Information & Resources

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  • Information and training to assist candidates running in rural and red districts, in the form of quick reference guides, short online videos, and webinars. For example:

    • Preparing to File for Office and Campaign Finance Reporting Quick Reference Guides

    • Former Candidate Conversations (recorded interviews with candidates who have been there)

    • Ongoing webinar series with policy experts and campaign experts

  • Catalog of vetted campaign resources available from our partners and other trusted providers so connect candidates can find the volunteers and service providers they need, including free and low-cost services specifically designed for low-budget, down-ballot races.

If you are a Democrat or progressive running for office in a red or rural district, please complete the applicable Candidate Intake Survey to request access to our online candidate community, which hosts our resource library.

For Volunteers

Information & Resources

  • Information and training about how to volunteer effectively for campaigns in rural and red districts, in the form of quick reference guides, short online videos, and webinars, including:

    • Many of the same topics available for candidates, including webinars with campaign experts.

    • Dynamics of a small campaign, for example: how to engage when the candidate may have limited paid staff and volunteer coordination is a challenge.

  • Volunteer skills intake to help match volunteers and campaigns.

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