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Photo of Blue Horizon Texas founders

Our Story

Stephanie and Claire founded Blue Horizon Texas in 2021, after both running for Texas State House in 2018 and 2020. Their experience campaigning in long-held Republican districts, and discussions with many other candidates who ran in similar districts across the state, revealed systemic and structural gaps in the support networks for the new faces of Democratic and progressive candidates for state and local office. In their runs for office, they built and led coalitions of candidates in providing mutual campaign support and speaking out on issues such as gun safety, immigration response, and pandemic-era education. They founded Blue Horizon Texas so candidates, volunteers, county parties, and affiliated groups can more effectively work together to build sustainable and lasting change across the state.

Our Staff

Meet the Team

Stephanie Phillips

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Stephanie is a two-time Democratic nominee for Texas House District 73, where she ran unapologetically, low-budget campaigns and performed as well or better than up ticket races with six- and seven-figure budgets.


As Co-Executive Director of Blue Horizon Texas, Stephanie leads fundraising and development, outreach, and coalition building, Throughout her career in education, performing arts, and political and social movement organizing, she has consistently focused on systems change, building diverse coalitions, leadership development, and creative problem solving.

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Claire Barnett

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Claire is a two-time Democratic nominee for Texas State House District 122, where she steadily increased Democratic vote share and pushed the Republican incumbent left on issues such as public school funding, Medicaid Expansion, and voting rights.


As Co-Executive Director of Blue Horizon Texas, Claire oversees learning and communications strategies, operations, and legal and board relations. She brings twenty years of experience in program and project management, strategic communications, learning programs, and technology platforms.

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