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Abbott's math isn't adding up

Public education supporters across Texas are reeling again after Tuesday's primary runoff results. As we've been saying since last year, we need Democrats running in every race to stand up against extremism.


Let's review the scorecard:

GOP To-Dos to Pass School Vouchers

Only thing standing in their way? Democrats running to flip these legislative districts.


So...what's on our Blue Horizon Checklist? Glad you asked!

Blue Horizon Goals to Save Public Schools

We don't have to accept Abbott's declaration that he has the "two more votes" he needs to pass his school voucher plan. 

Our local candidates are already telling us that they're being approached by pro-public education Republicans.

Check out what we had to say back in March, and join us today by rushing a donation today. 


On the line in November? Public schools and our kids' futures.

Stephanie & Claire

Stephanie Phillips & Claire Barnett

CoFounders | Blue Horizon Texas


From: Blue Horizon Texas

Subject: Enough with the “there’s so much at stake” emails

Date: Sun, Mar 24, 2024

 If your inbox is like ours, you’re probably tired of emails telling you how much is at stake in the November election. They’re right of course. It’s another pivotal presidential election year. There is a lot at stake.


But this isn’t one of those emails. 


Yes, we’re going to talk about the election, but there’s more at stake than just the presidential match-up. And thoughwe wouldn’t say no to a $5 donation if you were so inclined, this also isn’t a fundraising email. 


Today, we want to highlight the candidates who aren’thousehold names and who don’t show up as guests on cable news. Because it turns out that the races farther down the ballot, particularly for seats in the Texas House, are really important this time around.


Governor Abbott knows this. That’s why, in the Republican primary, he endorsed candidates who support his plan to take money away from our public schools and give it to private ones. And why he’s still actively campaigning in Republican primary runoffs.


“We need two more votes” in the Texas House.That’s what Governor Abbott said this week. And that’s how close he thinks House Republicans are to passing his voucher bill.


Governor Abbott isn’t exactly subtle about his plan to get those votes. Before the primary, he endorsed 14 pro-voucher candidates who are challenging anti-voucher Republican incumbents. Seven won outright, and another five are going to a runoff. In a similar story, Attorney General Ken Paxton endorsed challengers to Republican incumbents who voted in favor of his impeachment. It’s a page straight out of the Donald Trump playbook: replace Republicans who won’t do what you want with those who will.


That’s why down-ballot races are so important for Democrats: Public education—and our kids’ futures—is on the chopping block unless Democrats can stop pro-voucher Republicans from taking over the Texas House.


Blue Horizon Texas worked as hard as we could to get qualified Democratic candidates to run, and we succeeded. Now, there are great Democrats on the ballot across Texas in races that weren’t contested in previous elections. We’re working just as hard to give these candidates the support they need during the race, and to get as many Democratic voters to the polls when Election Day rolls around.


Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to introduce you to these candidates and share some more details about why their races matter so much. But for now, we just wanted to say thank you.


Your support has made all of our hard work possible, and it’s given voters across Texas a meaningful Democratic alternative to Greg Abbott’s handpicked candidates.


Thank you so much for being here with us, Stephanie & Claire


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