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Gearing Up for Nonpartisan Races

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Earlier this month, we opened the Blue Horizon Texas candidate community to the 300+ Democrats running for state and county office in one of our target races. Our community grows every week, as candidates for Land Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, State House and Senate, County Clerk, Comptroller, State Board of Education, and more come together to connect, learn, and access the tools they need to run effective campaigns. At the same time, we've launched our Campaign Nuts and Bolts Webinar series, featuring campaign and policy experts on a wide range of topics, including campaign finance reporting, fundraising, and the power grid, with many more coming soon.

Campaign Fundraising 101 with Special Guest State Representative Vikki Goodwin

With the opening of the filing window for school board and municipal races, we are making a special push to help recruit candidates for these seats in key districts across Texas. We were excited to have two people interested in running for school board in Round Rock attend our fundraising webinar with Rep. Vikki Goodwin this morning. They are now able to join our online community and work through our training modules on how to find a treasurer, set up basic campaign infrastructure, and file for office. We know that for Texans to have better representation, we need to have candidates. For us to have diverse, grassroots candidates who are able to run effective campaigns, they need access to information, training, and a functional support network. That's exactly what Blue Horizon Texas provides in races where those resources are often in short supply.

Thinking about running for local office or already decided? Complete our Candidate Intake Survey to join our online community and access the resources and tools you need.


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