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Happy Birthday to Us!

A note from our founders:

Tomorrow marks one year since Blue Horizon Texas legally came to be. After years of discussing the need for strategic investment and infrastructure building to support Democrats and progressives in the reddest parts of Texas—and months of research and planning, we formally filed our paperwork to incorporate as a non-profit in Texas. Over the next two months, before our public launch in November, we established the foundations of our now thriving Online Candidate Community, Campaign Nuts & Bolts and Former Candidate Conversations Webinar Series, and Volunteer Network.

As we head toward Election Day, which coincides with our one-year anniversary of serving Democratic and progressive candidates in red and rural districts, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate what we have achieved so far… and ask for a little birthday present from you to keep us going in the months ahead. A sustaining monthly donation will allow us to continue supporting Democratic candidates in the toughest districts as they sprint toward Election Day.

Thank you for celebrating with us and supporting us!


Stephanie and Claire


Blue Horizon Texas


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