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May 2023 Municipal Elections - Endorsements in the June 10 Runoff

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Blue Horizon Texas PAC is excited to announce our Candidate Endorsements for May 2023 Municipal Races in the Runoff Elections taking place on June 10. Blue Horizon candidates are Democrats and progressives running for state, county, and local office in rural, exurban, and red districts across the state. They are often the only voices in their communities speaking up for democracy, compassion, and inclusion of their diverse communities. At the same time, they are able to prioritize and center issues that matter to rural and exurban Texans in their campaigns.

Dock Jackson, for City of Bastrop Mayor. Dock is a lifelong public servant and experienced leader, committed to good governance and his local community.

Lynda Nash for re-election to the Harker Heights City Council. Lynda is standing up for positive change in her community, fighting for families, fixing city revenue problems, and revitalizing the local economy and community.

Stacey Wilson for Harker Heights City Council. Stacey is a compassionate leader standing up for improved city infrastructure, a safer community, and transparency and accountability in governance.


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