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Blue Horizon Podcast Season 2, Episode 1: Bently Paiz

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

with Tonya Lyles

In our first episode of Season 2 of the Blue Horizon Podcast, host Tonya Lyles talks with former New Braunfels City Council candidate and 2024 Democratic candidate for Comal County Commissioner, Bently Paiz.

They discuss the challenges Bently has encountered as a young candidate and his commitment to serving his community.

Tonya shared a few thoughts about why she started Season 2 by interviewing Bently.

“It was Bently’s determination and drive that interested me in his story. I had heard about the difficulties and resistance he was facing locally. My great aunt used to say, “When you really got people against you, you must really have something [good] going for you.” For me, Bently Paiz felt like a candidate who was inspired to follow a path to make a difference that would impact the world locally and nationally. Whether he won or lost the seat, I had a feeling he would be back on the campaign trail again. He is back. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to interview him. I was delighted when he agreed. I hope you enjoy his interview and leave as inspired and hopeful as I did.”

–Tonya Lyles

Bently is also a talented photojournalist. The pictures shown below are his.

Bently Paiz Photography, used with permission


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