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Former Candidate Conversations: Samantha Fields

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Samantha Fields was the 2018 Democratic candidate nominee for Texas State House, District 84 (Lubbock).

She tells us about how she went from Bernie Sanders volunteer to winning the highest percentage for any Democrat in a partisan race in the district in over three decades while raising only $20,000.

In this interview Sam discusses the personal experience of running for office as a young Latina in West Texas, as a mom of two children, and as an unabashedly progressive organizer. She also explains how she used her campaign, which raised $20,000, to identify and organize communities traditionally overlooked in a predominately Republican area. From VAN and field organizing to phone banking and postcard writing to volunteer engagement, Sam's experience provides a template for grassroots campaigns to move the needle in in a district that often only sees Democrats on the ballot statewide.

Watch now:

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Keith Tipton
Keith Tipton
17 de nov. de 2021

I supported her and would love to see the conversation ASAP.

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