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2024 Filing Fee Grant Recipients: Round 1 (Texas House)

This week of Thanksgiving, we are filled with gratitude here at Blue Horizon Texas — for so many reasons.

We’re already 10 days into the filing period for 2024 races, and these are just some of the things we’re grateful for this year…

185 Democratic candidates who have filed for state and county office so far (as reported to the Texas Secretary of State by November 21, 2023);

21 donors who have contributed to the Blue Horizon Filing Fee Fund and helped us raise $3270 to date to assist Democrats running in red, rural, and exurban districts qualify for the ballot; and

18 Democrats running in red districts who have applied for filing fee assistance.

We are two years into our Blue Horizon journey and are grateful for…

87 candidates who we have had the honor to support in 2022 and 2023;

35 Board and Advisory Board members who believe in us and continue to us as we grow and expand our mission and impact across Texas;

10 partner organizations who help us deliver an ever expanding breadth and depth of services to prospective and declared candidates; and

… nearly 500 donors who, since our inception, have invested in our projects, our candidates, and our vision for a growing blue horizon in Texas.

Today, we are also excited to announce our first five Filing Fee Grant Recipients for the 2024 election season.

  • Cathy McAuliffe for Texas House District 32

  • Jai Daggett for Texas House District 25

  • Adrienne Bell for Texas House District 29

  • Eric Norman for Texas House District 44

  • Joe Herrera for Texas House District 53

We are currently processing applications for State Senate and State Board of Education candidates, and with your continued help and support, we’ll help many more inspiring candidates qualify for the 2024 ballot.

We appreciate you so much, and wish you a joy-filled holiday.

Stephanie & Claire


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