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Announcing a $20,000 Donor Match Challenge!

Thank you for your continued support of Blue Horizon Texas. As it has been for us, we know the last few weeks have been difficult for you. The expected, but still devastating overturning of Roe v. Wade and other demoralizing SCOTUS decisions, the fallout of the Uvalde shooting and inaction by Texas Republicans on gun safety, and a broiling summer with regular updates from the Jan 6 committee remind us just how much is at stake and why we’re pushing so hard.

Our candidate community now numbers over 50 candidates, and your support is more essential than ever in helping us get the resources candidates running in the toughest races need. Today, we will officially kick-off our summer fundraising drive with a $20,000 donor match challenge. Please donate today to help us get a head-start on this essential summer fundraising and double your impact!


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