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Blue Horizon Co-Founders visit Go Behind the Ballot podcast

Recently, Blue Horizon Co-Founders, Stephanie Phillips and Claire Barnett, visited with Claire Campos O'Neal and Nichole Abshire of the Go Behind the Ballot podcast.

Claire Barnett and Stephanie Phillips from Blue Horizon Texas share their similar stories of deciding to run for the Texas House. In both cases they found themselves asking who was going to address the issues they saw in their communities and realizing it needed to be them. They shared their experiences of connecting with voters and how their presence changed and expanded conversations in their respective districts. Stephanie and Claire founded Blue Horizon Texas to address the lack of Democratic candidates running for office in rural red Texas. They discuss why, regardless of one’s political affiliation, an uncontested race is bad for democracy. They are working together with the community they’ve built to actively address the most pressing issue of preserving democracy in the state of Texas by preparing nontraditional candidates to run for office.

Listen to their conversation here or stream the episode from your favorite Podcast App, available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other listening apps by searching Go Behind The Ballot.


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