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Blue Horizon Endorses Kim Mata-Rubio

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Blue Horizon is proud to endorse Kim Mata-Rubio in this November's special election for Mayor of Uvalde.

Kim is a champion for the underserved in her community, working to secure a place at the table for unheard voices, positive change, and unity and strength in a fractured community. Visit Kim's website to learn more about her campaign and how to get involved.

Blue Horizon candidates are Democrats and progressives running for state, county, and local office in rural, exurban, and red districts across the state. They are often the only voices in their communities speaking up for democracy, compassion, and inclusion of their diverse communities. At the same time, they are able to prioritize and center issues that matter to rural and exurban Texans in their campaigns.

Stay tuned for ways you can support Kim's campaign to help bring healing, strength, and unity to a fractured community.


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