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Building the Pipeline: 2023 local elections and candidate recruitment

As we approach the end of 2022, and have had time to relax and reflect the weeks since Election Day, we at Blue Horizon remain clear-eyed and committed to the work that needs to be done to continue growing a Blue Texas. We have been so grateful for your support over the past year, the inaugural year of Blue Horizon Texas. We invite you continue on the journey with us as we enter our second year of operations. In the coming year, we have two main priorities.

  1. Supporting progressive candidates in local municipal and school board races in May and November 2023 elections.

  2. Building a pipeline of talented leaders who will be ready to win local, regional, and statewide office in 2024 and beyond.

Blue Horizon is building a candidate pipeline so every county has local Dems on the ballot.

At the same time, Blue Horizon's electoral wins were in down-ballot, hyper local races: one in a school board race and another for a county drainage district seat. It is exactly this kind of local race where we see the biggest opportunities for short-term wins, as well as essential work to build sustainable progressive power in Texas over the long-term.

That’s exactly what we are doing here at Blue Horizon Texas. We are currently building our seed fund for 2023 local races and identifying key regions where we will focus our candidate recruitment and pipeline building for 2024.

With gratitude, The Blue Horizon Texas Team


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