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Guest Post from Wendy Davis: Join me in supporting Blue Horizon Texas Candidates

When I was elected to the State Senate in a Republican-majority district, I was one of only 6 women serving in the Texas Senate. I know how important a single voice can be when the moment comes to speak truth to power. I know what it is to run statewide and for local and regional office. I’m proud to support and endorse the hard work being done at Blue Horizon Texas to lift up Democratic and progressive candidates running in rural, exurban, and traditionally Republican districts across the state.

Democrats running in red and rural areas are often the sole public voices defending our bodily autonomy and right to make our own reproductive health care decisions.

These candidates inspire and turn out Democratic voters everywhere they run—and whether they win their own races or not, they provide an important boost to statewide candidates. A boost that can make all difference in tight statewide races on November 8. I hope you’ll support them by making a donation today.

Blue Horizon Texas is the only organization whose primary focus is helping candidates where there is little existing Democratic infrastructure, building a functional support network so these candidates can reach the diverse communities in their districts, expanding the blue horizon in Texas and getting us closer to electing leaders who better represent our communities from Lubbock to Laredo to Lufkin.

I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from committed advocates like you. Please join me in supporting Blue Horizon candidates by donating today. Your contribution allows these candidates, and future pro-choice champions, to continue serving as a voice for abortion rights and reproductive justice in their communities.

In Solidarity,



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