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One Week to File!

It’s one week until the filing deadline, and we still have dozens of uncontested seats across the state going into the 2024 elections.

The good news is we have several candidates waiting in the wings. But many of them need our help. We’ve already issued 5 grants from our Filing Fee Grant Program, but we’ve received applications from 8 more candidates and only have enough funds to cover 1 additional grant. Help us raise an additional $5500 to get brave Democrats on the ballot to run for Texas Senate and House.

Do you live in one of the uncontested districts or know someone who does? Help us find strong community leaders take their leadership to the next level by running for office. Blue Horizon Texas provides the information and support new candidates need to get their campaigns off the ground.

Note: the data reflects candidate filings, as reported to the Texas Secretary of State by Monday, December 4. Where we have a likely but not yet filed candidate, we have indicated that in the notes for the district.


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