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Hitting the Road for Democracy #ruralroadshow

Have you heard the news? Blue Horizon Texas has joined forces with Mothers Against Greg Abbott and The 134 PAC to go on a #ruralroadshow this summer to help spread the word about Texas elections.

We kicked off our travels with a tour of the Hill Country the first weekend in July, and in August and September we're driving all across the state to recruit new candidates, to prepare candidates who’ve already declared, and to make sure Democrats have the support they need in rural races where we simply haven’t competed before.

Our next tour dates have us in the Coastal Bend the first weekend in August, and we'll be announcing tour dates for our East Central, Southwest, and Northwest tours soon. Stay tuned!

Wondering what the buzz is all about? Come join us! You'll learn about:

✅ The incredible work our partner Mothers Against Greg Abbott, soon Mothers for Democracy, is doing to promote Democratic media and message… and how they inspire new activists through their Chapter work.

✅ The dedication of the 134 PAC in building up the strength, capacity, and resiliency of county Democratic parties in rural counties, so counties can have the resources and boots on the ground to help get Democrats elected.

✅ How local Democratic candidates for office can and should be winning elections in red counties across the state… and how Blue Horizon is helping to find, prepare, and support these candidates.

✅ How you can get involved in the project to achieve better representation in our state and local governments.


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