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Texas Is Huge and So Is the Work

The scale and scope of work to do in Texas is as large and diverse as the state itself, which is why we need all the groups here on the ground working together to protect democracy, stand up for progressive values, and serve and organize our communities. From the Party itself, to allied groups and grassroots organizations, to candidates and elected officials, we're all part of the coalition, and we all have a role to play. That’s why Blue Horizon Texas has Advisory Board members from groups like the Ector County Democratic Party, Texas and Hill Country Blue Action Democrats, Texas Young Democrats, Jolt Action, Flip the Texas House, Sisters United Alliance, and Climate Cabinet Action, as well as people who have played key roles in the Texas Democratic Party.

Map of Texas with pinned locations
Blue Horizon Texas advisers come from across the state

And it’s why we work alongside and in support of the state and county parties, with guidance from current and former candidates, activists, and community organizers like Akilah Bacy, Wendy Davis, Mina Davis, Madi Eden, Lana Hansen, Eric Holguin, Hannah Horick, Steve Kling, Jenn Longoria, Cari Marshall, Sherrie Matula, Celina Montoya, Lauren Pully, Lisa Seger, Brittany Soto, Caroline Spears, Joyce Townsend, Catherine Wicker, and Philippa Wood. Representing the diversity of their communities, they help identify existing problems and gaps and propose potential solutions to prepare candidate and build coalitions and infrastructure in rural and red districts across the state.

Comment with your local party and favorite grassroots groups and activists/organizers below.


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