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The primary is behind us. Now what?

Now what? That is a question many candidates are asking themselves today; it may be a question you have as a donor, activist, or volunteer about where to focus your energy until general election season kicks into gear later this summer; and it’s a question Blue Horizon Texas has answered for ourselves.

Blue Horizon Texas has three main goals for the next three months, and you can help with any or all of them.

First, we remain dedicated to providing support to Democrats and progressives running in rural and red districts across the state. As we shift out of primary mode to general election season, we will hold webinars that will help candidates discuss issues that matter to their voters and engage and organize their communities, including a Former Candidate Conversation with 2018 Texas House Candidate Samantha Fields, upcoming sessions on abortion rights and racial and gender equity, and a special event with JOLT Action on Latino voter outreach and engagement. Make a donation today to help sponsor these events.

Second, we will shift into high gear on building our Volunteer Network to complement our online Candidate Community. If you are interested in giving time and talent to candidates running in tough districts and joining our growing online community, please complete our Volunteer Intake Form. We’ll help match you with candidates who would benefit from your skills.

Finally, we will begin recruiting candidates for November local elections in key districts. We are currently assembling data on where these races are taking place and building a coalition of up-ticket candidates and key partners to identify and inspire leaders in their communities who are ready to take the next step to represent their neighbors on the school board or in city hall. We officially kickoff our recruitment drive with a webinar with Run for Something on March 24, and will continue until the August filing deadline. Accelerate our candidate recruitment efforts by letting us know if your ISD or municipality has November elections.

Building sustainable power means changing the narrative and building community year-round. There’s lots to do. Find the right fit for you as we work together to create positive change across Texas.

And most importantly, THANK YOU for running for office, supporting our work, or signing up to volunteer. It all makes a difference.


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