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A Note About Primaries

With yesterday’s filing deadline, the state of the 2022 races is becoming clearer. In large part, candidates running in the type of red and rural district Blue Horizon Texas targets are the only Democratic or progressive candidates to step up, and often the first to have done so in years or decades. However, in some cases, multiple Democratic candidates are filing to run, resulting in a primary race. We celebrate this! Having choices is a good and healthy thing in democracy.

But with primary races come questions of endorsements, and we want to be clear about our role and position in such races. Blue Horizon Texas is not an endorsing body, and thus we do not make endorsements. We are not a PAC, and we do not donate money to campaigns. We are not a consulting firm, and we do not run campaigns or provide direct campaign services. Blue Horizon Texas is an information and candidate support network available to all Democratic candidates in Texas running in red and rural districts and statewide races.

The Blue Horizon Texas online community is currently undergoing a pilot test with a small group of candidates, but in January, our community will be equally available to all candidates in our targeted races, whether they are in a primary or not. Why not wait until after the primary? Candidates need answers to fundamental questions related to campaign finance, social media best practices, how to discuss policy issues, and more as soon as or even before they step up to run. Not providing access to this information until after the primary especially disadvantages first-time candidates and candidates without traditional campaign support networks, a particular gap we are committed to filling.

Our founders, our Board of Directors, and our Advisory Board have all been active in politics in recent years, including as candidates. Some of our Board and Advisory Board members have been called to step up to run again this cycle. Their association with Blue Horizon Texas does not imply endorsement of them in their particular races. We invited them to join our Boards because of their previous experience as candidates and their expertise in policy, campaigns, or other relevant areas that will provide value to addressing the challenges candidates running in red and rural districts face, and they still provide that value. At the same time, we are committed to serving all candidates in our target districts, regardless of whether they are facing a primary and regardless of the candidacy status of anyone affiliated with our organization.


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