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Announcing the Blue Horizon Coordinated Campaign

As we get closer to Election Day, we at Blue Horizon are shifting our focus from the information, training, and other general resources we have provided to candidates who have joined the Blue Horizon Community this year to more tangible support for this last phase of their campaigns.

Earlier this year, we launched Blue Horizon Texas PAC to provide direct candidate support to Blue Horizon candidates, and today we are delighted to announce our first project under the PAC, the Blue Horizon Coordinated Campaign.

Through the Blue Horizon Texas PAC, we are delighted to offer all candidates and volunteers in the Blue Horizon Community the opportunity to participate in the coordinated campaign, in which we will assist participating campaigns with social media promotion, fundraising, relational organizing in partnership with the Texas Blue Action 2 Million Texans Project, and get-out-the-vote efforts with our partners at RideShare2Vote. Our goal is to help our candidates reach and turn out tens of thousands of new and existing Democratic voters in red and rural Texas.

Your support will elevate the success of this campaign and the impact Blue Horizon candidates can make.

How Can You Help?

If you are a candidate in a red or rural district, who has not yet joined the Blue Horizon Candidate Community, you can still participate! Please complete our candidate intake survey no later than Friday, September 30, and we will contact you with next steps.

Look for more information from us in the coming days and weeks on how to support the Coordinated Campaign and our participating candidates.

- The Blue Horizon Texas Team


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