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Blue Horizon Texas PAC Candidate Endorsements coming Oct. 1

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Blue Horizon Texas supports Democrats and progressives running in red and rural districts across the state. All year we have been providing essential information and resources to the nearly 60 candidates who have joined our candidate community.

Through the Blue Horizon Texas PAC, we are excited to now be able to provide the Blue Horizon Endorsement and Coordinated Campaign to help these candidates in the final crucial weeks of their campaigns. So far, 12 candidates have applied for this endorsement. Endorsed candidates will be announced October 1.

We need your help supporting Blue Horizon Endorsed Candidates as they reach and turn out tens of thousands of new and existing Democratic voters in red and rural Texas.

Through our coordinated campaign, we will provide candidates:

  • campaign strategy sessions,

  • social media promotion,

  • fundraising,

  • relational organizing in partnership with the Texas Blue Action 2 Million Texans Project, and

  • GOTV program with our partners at RideShare2Vote.

It costs us $500-1500 to conduct coordinated campaign activities for each of our endorsed candidates. Your support will elevate the success of this campaign and the impact Blue Horizon candidates can make.

How Else Can You Help?

  • Provide rides to the polls with Rideshare2Vote.

  • Register for 2 Million Texans Virtual Training on October 2.

  • Spread the word on social media and through your own personal networks.


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