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Consulting Firm... PAC... What is Blue Horizon Texas?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Neither, actually. Blue Horizon Texas is a non-profit, political organization. Unique among organizations in Texas, our sole focus is building networks and infrastructure to empower down-ballot candidates to be the boots on the ground to drive turn-out not just for their own races, but for statewide and Congressional races too, expanding the blue horizon in Texas and getting us closer to electing leaders who better represent our communities.

  • Blue Horizon Texas is not a PAC and does not directly fund or donate to campaigns or directly campaign on behalf of individual candidates.

  • Blue Horizon Texas is not a consulting firm and does not provide direct services to campaigns.

  • Blue Horizon Texas does not provide information on federal or judicial races at this time, though that may change in the future.

So what DOES Blue Horizon Texas do, and how are we funded? At Blue Horizon Texas, we DO:

  • Serve progressive candidates in local, nonpartisan races, and Democratic candidates in statewide, legislative, and county races. We welcome any potential candidates interested in the process and do not endorse or get involved in primaries.

  • Provide information and training to candidates running in rural and red districts, in the form of quick reference guides, short online videos, and webinars with policy experts, campaign experts, and former candidates.

  • Inventory and vet existing campaign resources to connect candidates with the volunteers and service providers they need, including free and low-cost services specifically designed for low-budget, down-ballot races.

  • Identify gaps in resources and support structures and incubate ideas to fill those gaps. For example, our pilot program Candidate Closet matches candidates in need of campaign-appropriate attire with individuals who have items to donate from their own closets.

  • Host and moderate a private, secure online community for candidate collaboration across the state of Texas, where candidates can exchange ideas, coordinate in- and cross-district events, and find campaign staff, volunteers, and other resources.

  • Provide information and training to volunteers looking to support red district candidates, and host a private, secure volunteer network to connect campaigns to trained volunteers.

And this is just a start! We're 100% funded by donations from candidates, activists, and the donor community. As a 527 organization, donations are not tax-deductible, but you can be assured that we use all funds to build concrete solutions to real problems candidates face, so they can be more effective in serving and leading their communities, leading to more wins at the ballot box and resulting in transformative and sustainable change. Donate today.


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