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Counting our 2022 Wins

A few days ago, we shared both our disappointment in this year's losses in Texas and our determination to continue our work together to grow a Blue Texas. Today, we share with you some wins to celebrate.

At Blue Horizon, we are investing in long-term change so don't measure success solely by Election Day wins. Similarly, we asked all our candidates to articulate one goal, meaningful to both themselves & their districts, that they could achieve with their campaigns, win or lose by the vote count. A goal within their control that they can point to now that the election is over and say "I did that. It was important, and it wouldn't have happened if I didn't run."

We'll be sharing some of those wins over the coming days. But first, a major congratulations to Blue Horizon Winner Chuy Zárate for his election to the Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees, triumphing over an extremist opponent, to ensure Round Rock schools remain a place of inclusion.

We also want to congratulate Scott Feuless, who joined the Blue Horizon candidate community earlier this year and won his race for Brazoria County Drainage District on Tuesday. In the project of building long-term, sustainable progressive power in Texas, it is exactly these kinds of hyper local races where we must continue to compete and have the greatest opportunities to notch wins on Election Day, building a bench of experienced elected officials ready to lead our communities.

We should also take a moment to recognize and celebrate other wins, demonstrating progress being made across Texas and the country as a whole.

Texas wins:

No Republican super-majority in the Texas House!

1st openly gay Black woman in TX legislature, Jolanda Jones in Texas House District 147 (Houston)

2 openly gay Black men elected to TX legislature, Christian Manuel Hayes to House District 22 (Beaumont) and Venton Jones in House District 100 (Dallas)

Mihela Plesa elected to a new Democratic-held seat in Texas House District 70 (Collin County)

1st two Muslim lawmakers elected to the TX legislature, Salman Bhojani in House District 92 (Tarrant County) and Suleman Lalani in House District 76 (Fort Bend County)

Ballot initiatives for marijuana decriminalization in 5 red counties winning with over 60% support thanks to our friends at Ground Game Texas

Additional wins in Texas school board races against radical anti-public education conservatives

1st Japanese-American County Judge, Peter Sakai, elected in Bexar County

A record number of Latinos elected to represent Texas in the US Congress

National wins:

12 WOMEN GOVERNORS! Most in history

1st lesbian governor and 1st woman governor elected in Massachusetts, Maura Haley, as well as women elected to lieutenant governor, attorney general, and state treasurer

Both houses of the Michigan legislature controlled by Democrats for the first time in 40 years

Major climate wins with the election of Climate Cabinet-endorsed candidates across the country

Passage of equality of rights amendment in Nevada, protecting individuals from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender expression/identity

While we continue to grieve our losses, we celebrate what we have achieved here in Texas and wins around the country. We hope you continue the journey with us as we share success stories and lessons learned and build the pipeline of candidates who will provide wins in the future.


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