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February 2023 Newsletter

In this year between mid-terms and presidential election cycles, Blue Horizon remains hard at work. In 2023, Blue Horizon is supporting progressive candidates running for local races such as city and town councils, school boards, and municipal utility districts, in rural, exurban, and traditionally red areas of Texas. At the same time, we are building a bench of candidates ready to run for county and state legislative offices in 2024. Our 2022 wins were exactly in these kinds of hyper local races, where a small investment, and a small boost in turnout, can lead to big wins.

May 2023 Municipal and School Board Races

The filing window for May municipal and school board races is open NOW and closes on February 17, 2023. If you are running or considering running for office in a May race in a rural, exurban, or traditionally conservative area of Texas, we want to help you!

Blue Horizon is here to help with essential information on filing for office correctly, campaign finance reporting, campaigning in rural and exurban districts, policy issues that resonate to voters in these districts, and more. Through our PAC, we also provide endorsements, social media and fundraising support, and GOTV programs. Please complete our Candidate Intake Survey to join our online Candidate Community, where you can network with other progressive candidates across the state and gain access to campaign training and information resources. We also welcome those considering a run for office in the future or interested in volunteering to support candidates in rural and exurban districts to join our online community as well.

In 2022, there were no Democrats on the ballot in more than half of Texas counties and dozens of state legislative races. This year, we're building a bench of talented and prepared leaders ready to run for state and local office in 2023, 2024, and beyond.

“Many counties were gray (because no Dem candidates are running at the county-level), but mine was light blue. Because of me. One person can make a difference."

- April Prim, 2022 Democratic nominee for Montgomery County Justice of the Peace Pct 3

Blue Horizon Texas Welcomes New Board Members

We're excited to announce to members of the Board of Directors for Blue Horizon Texas. Please join us in congratulating Clayton Tucker and Josh Tutt in joining our leadership team, bringing with them their experience running for office in rural districts as strong progressives.

Clayton Tucker was the 2020 Democratic nominee for Texas Senate District 24 and now serves as Lampasas County Democratic Party chair.

Josh Tutt was the 2022 Democratic nominee for Texas Senate District 18. He currently serves as Board President for the Brazos Valley Pride Community Center.

Blue Horizon 2022 Annual Report

Our 2022 Annual Report is now available. Download it today for an overview of how, in our inaugural year, Blue Horizon Texas has grown into a successful, multi-entity enterprise with a growing reputation among Democratic and progressive groups across the state.

What do we DO? Community Workshops

Blue Horizon is now offering "What do we DO?" Community Workshops to help community leaders, activists, and others identify tangible ways they can make a difference in achieving progressive change in Texas. Blue Horizon knows that sustainable, transformative changes requires investment in civic education and community organizing in under-represented and under-served communities across the state, including in rural and exurban areas.

Our workshops are available upon request in-person for small groups. A schedule of online offerings will be available soon. Sign up to schedule or attend an upcoming workshop.


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