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Introducing Blue Horizon Texas

Across Texas we are seeing a radical change in the kinds of people running for office and in the geographic areas in which they run.

We are energized by diverse candidates--women, teachers, climate and social justice activists, LGBTQ+ people, Veterans, and Dreamers are answering the call to step up and run for office, even in long shot races and areas with little or no Democratic Party infrastructure. We are inspired by moms stepping up to campaign with a toddler on their hip and a willingness to fight for the future.

But traditional campaigns are still designed for candidates of the past running in targeted and winnable districts. Blue Horizon Texas is created by and for the candidates and activists of today and those who will step up to lead us in 2022 and beyond. We see a world of possibility on the horizon if we embrace the new wave of candidates and support them to be efficient, effective and impactful.


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