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Thank you!

On this Election Day, we are expressing love and gratitude.

We launched Blue Horizon Texas almost exactly one year ago, with a simple vision of supporting Democrats and progressives brave enough to run for office in red and rural districts across Texas. At the time, we thought we were building a knowledge base and a support network. A year later, we've done that and so much more. And it's all because of the support we've received from each and everyone of you.

No matter what happens tonight, Texas is a better place because of the work we have all done together. Thank you to our donors for the financial support that has allowed us to not only get essential information to our candidates, but to endorse and amplify 32 inspiring candidates for state and local office and to invest in on-the-ground GOTV programs.

Thank you to the volunteers who have done research for us, helping us reach out to hundreds of Democratic candidates across the state. And thank you to the volunteers who have supported individual campaigns. We couldn't have done it without your time and talent.

Thank you to our partners, state and national organizations, like Run for Something, Texas Blue Action, Climate Cabinet, Rideshare2Vote, Mothers Against Greg Abbott, and more, who have invested in us and worked alongside us. Thank you to our Board members for your guidance, your belief in us, and all your contributions to making our first year a success. Finally, we couldn't be more grateful for all the Blue Horizon Candidates who have given voters across Texas a choice at the polls today, standing up for democracy, equity, and compassion.

Win or lose, you have made a difference; it matters that you ran your campaign. Best of luck today! Together, we truly are growing a Blue Texas. With gratitude, Stephanie, Claire, and the rest of the Blue Horizon Texas team


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