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Why the Blue Horizon Coordinated Campaign Matters

Last week, we announced the first Blue Horizon Coordinated Campaign under the Blue Horizon Texas PAC to provide strategy, social media, fundraising, and GOTV support to Blue Horizon candidates. Next week we'll be rolling out the first cohort of Blue Horizon Endorsed Candidates.

Since our announcement:

  • 9 more candidates have joined our Online Candidate Community, bringing our numbers to nearly 60 candidate members.

  • 17 candidates have already applied for Blue Horizon Endorsement and opted into our Coordinated Campaign.

Why is this resonating with candidates so much? Why is the Blue Horizon Coordinated Campaign so important?

Blue Horizon's entire mission is to support Democrats and progressives running in the hardest districts in Texas. These are candidates who don't typically receive high-profile endorsements or benefit from fundraising and GOTV support from other organizations. In fact, these candidates are often asked to contribute their hard-earned resources to state and county GOTV efforts that do not end up targeting their districts.

I know because I used to be one of these candidates, and it's why I co-founded Blue Horizon. Our goal is to help Blue Horizon candidates reach and turn out tens of thousands of new and existing Democratic voters in red and rural Texas. These are votes that will not only help these down-ballot candidates, but that are likely votes for Beto and the rest of the statewide slate, which may be enough to push them over the top on Election Night in a tight race. Your support will elevate the success of this campaign and the impact Blue Horizon candidates can make.

- Stephanie Phillips

Co-founder, Blue Horizon Texas


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